Reach your
hair goals.

Reach your hair goals.

Do ANY of these sound familiar?

  • You make a vow to finally grow your hair out – only to give up within a month or two.
  • You decide to grow your natural hair colour and say no to hair dyes, only until you start seeing your roots.
  • You decide to grow out your natural, beautiful grays – only to give up once you reach that “in-between” stage, before you reach to that box dye.
  • You had a very stressful period (hello, pandemic!) of your life – and lost a lot of your hair and horrified it will never grow back.
  • You recently had a baby and now experiencing post-natal hair loss.
  • You’re recovering from an illness or even chemotherapy and get frustrated that your locks is the reminder of those dark days.
  • You start seeing first signs of androgenic alopecia and feel terrified at the prospects of losing your hair.

If any or a few resonate with you – know that you are NOT alone. Far from that – there are millions of people that are going through the same emotional rollercoaster as you when it comes to their hair.

Wishing to have beautiful hair is not vain. Hair serves as an external sign of our health and well-being, of course you want it to look great.

So – no. You are neither crazy, vain or looks-obsessed. Apart from our eyes, hair is one of the first things we pay attention to – so it is okay to want it to be beautiful and healthy.

The issue starts is when you decide to FINALLY take care of your hair – and give up without actually starting. Hair growth is a SLOW process, but it can be fun and exciting too.

A hair growth journey can nurture you.

Healthy hair starts from within and manifests outward. While there are certainly topical and external solutions you should do to support your scalp in growing healthy hair. But to get lasting results and transform your hair – it takes a holistic journey spanning lifestyle and nutrition too.

But this takes time. And it can be frustratingly slow.

Which is why at The Hair Fuel, we developed a Holistic Hair Health calendar – with daily and weekly prompts in your inbox, educating you about different techniques and tools available to you to grow healthy hair.

It helps you develop your unique Hair Care Ritual – tailored to your lifestyle. It is completely free and there to support you on your path towards healthy hair.

What to expect from your hair health calendar?

Once you sign up, you receive a download link to a simple PDF that you print out and place where you can see it daily – your bathroom or your fridge are a good place for that!

The journey starts next Monday and continues onto 6 weeks. Every day of the first two weeks you receive daily educational prompts to incorporate in your hair care rituals.

As you strengthen your knowledge around scalp health and how your overall body functions in relation to hair growth, you receive three emails per week until the end of the journey which takes 6 weeks in total.

Arriving around 11:00 on most days – something to read while having your second cup of tea or coffee.

Some emails contain videos, some – articles, some – insights and scientific research into hair growth that will enable you to build an educated hair care routine that works for you.

Joining is easy and free – and it starts on Monday. Sign up below and let’s get your hair growing!