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We always root our hair growth content in science and scientific approach, but due to the enquiries we receive from our customers and community, we decided to address a topic of a different nature with this release. Whether you’re an avid purveyor of astrology who knows their birth chart by heart, or you roll your eyes so hard you can see the back of your skull – at a mere mention of a zodiac sign, we attempt to examine potential relationship between you, your life and your hair during Mercury Retrograde.

What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an astrological event, where this front runner planet appears to be cruising backwards in its orbit. Crucial word is “appears” – since the planet doesn’t actually change its orbit for 3 weeks, it only appears to do so if looking from Earth. According to astrology experts, this cosmic event marks a period of misfortune here on Earth.

As this planet is thought to be responsible for travel, communication and technology, you can expect miscommunication issues, technology breakdowns, travel delays, cancellations and other organisational conundrums occurring more frequently than outside that period. If anything is out of sync in your life during this time, Mercury retrograde gives you a carte blanche to blame it (as opposed lamenting at your own organisational skills!). This event occurs 3-4 times a year, and lasts on average 3 and 1/2 weeks. And in this time, advice is to avoid signing contracts, holding off starting new ventures or committing to anything new. 

What you can do during the Retrograde

But are you supposed to sit and wait for this to be over? Not really. The key here is “re” in “retrograde”. It is a period where you can in fact – benefit from REviewing, REvising, REpairing, REfurbishing and REuniting. So much so, that former partners or forgotten friendships tend to reappear during this period. Whether or not to take that invite or reply to that text message, is completely up to you. Repairing some of your old clothes that you’ve been putting off, or safely “blaming” Mercury for agreeing to reconnect with an old friend – can be a good idea. One is cost-effective and the other, offers an opportunity to reevaluate yourself and the relationship at hand.

If you must sign a new contract for a new job or a house – make sure to double and triple check all the fine print. If you are due to travel – leave early to catch your flight on time, or allow extra travel time in case of traffic. Regardless if you think Mercury Retrograde is a bogus, the advice to take extra care on reading legal paperwork and allowing extra travel time – will never stop being relevant and there is no harm in following that. 

This period is also thought to invite more rest and slowing down your pace of living. Whether it is Mercury or simply – life’s circumstance throws various obstacles at you, take an extra breather in those weeks. And again – advice to take things slow and take extra care in your endeavours can only benefit you, Retrograde or not.

Does Mercury Retrograde affect hair? 

While some people swear by cutting their hair on new moon for hair growth, science currently doesn’t comment on the effect celestial bodies have on our hair. Having said that, a dramatic decision to dye your hair needs to be considered with extra care no matter what way Mercury appears to spin. 

Are you feeling unhappy in your job and your hand reaches out to scissors to cut the bangs? Are you contemplating going on a break with your partner and your fingers hovering over the phone number of your hairdresser to colour your hair an extreme colour? Take extra time to think this over. The consequences of such decisions tend to last longer than the emotions attached to them, and unfortunately hair dyes can damage your hair and hair growth long term. 

If you’re absolutely determined to make a dramatic change to your hair in this time, be sure to double check the shade of the hair dye you’re using, and re-confirm your appointment with your hairdresser – even if this isn’t something you usually do to avoid frustration if you show up at the wrong time. Good advice regardless if you believe in astrology or not.

Hair care in Mercury Retrograde

When it comes to hair care and Mercury Retrograde – you can see this as the perfect time to slow down and take care of yourself – recuperate and re-fill your own cup – emotionally, mentally, physically. Even if you don’t believe in the Retrograde whatsoever, doing a scalp massage during these 3 weeks – is an excellent kickstarter for your hair growth. You can support your stressed out body, tired from all the travel delays brought to you by the Retrograde – with some multi-vitamins every day during that period.

If you don’t believe in Mercury Retrograde having any effect – how about you actually embrace modern science of hair growth – in defiance of astrology? Get some multi-vitamins and commit to taking them every day for the duration of that celestial event. Throw in a scalp massage in that equation too – since it improves blood flow to scalp and improves nourishment to your hair follicles. This way, your hair health will get the extra boost of nutrients during this artificial timeline.

Did you notice that we urged you to do the same thing, whether you believe in Mercury Retrograde or not? Indeed. It doesn’t matter which way the planet appears to spin – it’s never bad to think through dramatic hair changes carefully, and always benefitical to treat yourself to scalp massage, vitamins and perhaps some extra pampering mask for your scalp. 

Do you believe in Mercury Retrograde having any effect on your life? Share in comments!

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