Our stance on sustainability

At The Hair Fuel we believe that the best recycling policy is, in fact, reusing. This is why we invested in lasting bottle and shower cap that you can rinse and reuse after each application to use it again next time, rather than sending you disposable ones. If you accidentally threw away your bottle or shower cap, you can drop us a message and for a small fee reorder a new one.

Outer packaging: biodegradable padded envelopes and cardboard box without the use of matt coating for easy recycling

Components: shower cap and bottle are reusable and recyclable

Instruction cards: recyclable (paper)

To keep our mask fresh and adhere to safety protocols, we couldn’t yet find a suitable biodegradable material to keep the formula, but we discovered that Terracycle has a variety of recycling programmes, which turns plastic waste from beauty industry into 3D printing materials, where you can recycle your plastic sachets:

Garnier (UK) where you can post your reused sachets using free labels from UPS. Check out details here >>

L’Occitane (UK and USA) where you can drop off your waste at a location nearby. Check more details here for UK and USA >>