Hi, I’m Laura – the creator of The Hair Fuel.

When I was 17 years old (I’m now 30!), I had a bad perm which cost me a third of my hair. My hair follicles were so damaged and burnt that my hair just would not grow. I tried everything: from horse shampoo, expensive medication, including Minoxidil to professional treatments, but nothing worked.

Since I’m a proud nerd with not one, but three degrees, I dived into my own research into the science and biology of hair growth and coupled that with home remedies approach – thanks to growing up with my late Russian grandma*. Eventually, I came across a combination of ingredients and a chemical reaction – that made sense to ME.

After many at-home trials (and trust me – many dirty kitchen clean-ups), I created a formulation that I could FEEL working on my scalp, and see results in just a few weeks. For over a decade since, I’ve been using this hair formula to support my adventurous haircuts. Without sounding too cheesy – I was never afraid of hairdressers cutting my hair too short since.

Upon sharing my hair mask formulation with friends, who all reported improved hair growth, and the continued demand for the formula, I decided to work with a laboratory in Devon, UK to enhance the formulation with additional, hard-to-source natural ingredients and produce larger quantities to share with the masses.

I harnessed my years in management consulting to streamline logistics and experience in graphic design, to create a beautiful package, the entire Hair Growth Kit** or Hair Growth System** delivered to YOUR doorstep at YOUR convenience so you can grow YOUR hair, too.

I hope you enjoy the product, for I know how disheartening this can be to lose the hair you once had, or wistfully sigh at the hair of others. I’ve been there. I feel you. You’re here now – so it will be okay.



* – “Russian grandma” approach to beauty means you harness the power of nature and hundreds of years of homemade recipes and potions. In addition, I did actually have a Russian grandma!
** – this is how our early trialistas referred to The Hair Fuel

The Creation of The Hair Fuel

Launching The Hair Fuel was not a smooth ride. At all. There are ups and downs, especially so – that I am doing this on my own…

So, to support and keep myself accountable throughout this process, I created a Vlog to cover and share final stretch of pre-launch months of The Hair Fuel. Mostly sharing via Facebook with friends, I shared it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Friends cheered for me when it went well, and empathised when ride was intermittently bumpy.

The idea to start documenting it only came after about 8 months of actively working on The Hair Fuel. But, despite of being late, I’m glad I did it. You can now learn the story for yourself and really understand the heart and soul of The Hair Fuel.


to be continued…