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The Hair Fuel

Accelerating hair growth mask.

  • Speeds up hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Strengthens hair follicles

Have you ever looked at pictures like these and wished that you could just grow long, luscious locks?

Have you looked at pictures of CELEBRITIES that can afford to use super EXPENSIVE hair extensions that made you sigh?

Have you tried EVERYTHING, but your hair just won’t grow?

Or when it does, you’ve got to trim it all, because it took a year to grow and now ends got to be trimmed?

Have you ever read the advice to TRIM your hair to grow it?

And you went off to the hairdresser to chop off that meagre half inch that took you MONTHS or even YEARS to grow

We’ve got a myth busted right here:

Hair growth starts from the ROOTS, not the ends.

D’oh. You’ve got to put some FUEL into the roots to see some action. You’ve got to FEED and PUMP your scalp to bring you the long, beautiful hair you’re dreaming of.

Want to find out how to care for YOUR hair?

Has your hairdresser ever told you:
“Hair only grows to a certain length and then it just STOPS”?

Well guess what, it’s not  true. Hair has 3 stages of life: anagen, catagen, telogen. Anagen is the stage where the hair grows, which takes 2-6 years, depending on a variety of factors, including genetical predisposition. However the speed at which your hair grows at this stage isn’t constant. Even if your hair anagen (growth) stage is only 2 years, but instead of growing an average of 1 cm every month, you grow it x 3 times faster – that’s extra 48 cm (or half a meter!) of hair! It’s simple math.

So how do you increase the speed of your hair growth?

The answer is in science. Obviously. Increasing blood flow to your hair roots, improves hair growth.

Here is some research which confirms that increased blood flow leads to less hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

We've been on this journey.

After treating our hair with PERMS and BLEACHING only to chop it all off – we just wanted it long and natural. That lovely, shiny silk flowing down the back and shoulders… a DREAM.

We’ve watched hundreds of YouTube videos where women with long luscious locks tell you to be PATIENT, tell you to WAIT. And after a year with not a result in sight, we gathered our sorry asses to the hairdresser yet again, because that extra inch we grew got all split ends written all over.

We RESEARCHED, we tried TENS of magical potions, poured HUNDREDS of dollars into hair growing hair products to no avail.

We even tried a HORSE shampoo!

None of it worked as it was supposed to – hair just won’t grow. Maybe that hairdresser was right after all…

We were about to give up, just like you. Until one day we discovered a SIMPLE and LOGICAL remedy that just works. And you know why? Because it FUELS the hair from the place it grows: its ROOTS! It’s like putting the right petrol in a sports car, that baby will just keep going distances.

And what’s funny, is that after growing it long using the recipe, we CHOPPED it all off, because long hair can get boring. And a while after that, we felt we want it long all over. And it worked, AGAIN!

So we started recommending the mask to our FRIENDS, and FRIENDS OF FRIENDS and all of them got the result – which is long, beautiful hair they’ve always wanted.

Everyone who commits to using it at least two months on average sees 2-3 times faster hair growth.

Does it all sound to you too good to be true?

Well. It is. There is a catch here, and we’ve got to be honest about it. You should be willing to use the mask REGULARLY. A few times a month – weekly is a win (as long as you can commit to using it a few times a month). If you can’t commit to that, you WON’T SEE THE RESULTS.

If you can’t promise yourself that you will spend 45 minutes a week to growing beautiful hair you’ve always wanted, we ask you to put your credit card back in your wallet and no hard feelings from us.

For all we care, you can watch Netflix and NOT grow your hair. The choice is yours.

What’s honest about our mask is that you can absolutely, full-heartedly make it at home. For all it matters, the ingredients you can buy in a local shop.

But question is – will you? Do you want a mess in your kitchen?

Do you need to have to explain to your housemates, why yet another bowl is sticky with a questionable goo? Do you want to stain your clothes in the process?

If your answer is – “I want to clean up my own mess as I have the TIME the prepare the mask” – go right ahead and DIY it. It’s all good to us, as long as you get the hair you wanted.

No mystical ingredients from China…

No endangered animal products from Africa…

Environmentally-friendly, paraben and phtalate-free, vegetarian…

And the reason it works so well, is because it targets hair growth where it starts.

This is NOT focused on fixing split ends (that won’t help you grow hair)

This is NOT focused on constantly trimmin your hair.

Our proposition is for time-poor, BUSY WOMEN who cannot afford to lose a minute of their day. It is for PROFESSIONAL women, for BUSY MOMS, for BRIDES-TO-BE. We pre-mixed, pre-packaged each portion in easy applicators together with all the tools that you need to start growing your hair NOW.

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