“I’m-all-in” 12 months subscription – 2 Months FREE

$45.29 / month for 12 months

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This is an ALL-IN, take all-the-stops-out, “GIVE ME ALL THE HAIR” signature package. Your should only consider purchasing it, if you are crystal clear in your wholehearted investment in strong hair growth, lasting results and visible reduction in hair loss. Every month over the next year you will receive a box filled with The Hair Fuel supply. We carefully assembled each box to hand-hold you through your hair growing journey.

What’s in the box?
  • Welcome card
  • 4 sachets of wet ingredients
  • 4 sachets of dry ingredients
  • Instructions
  • In the 1st month you will receive a mixer bottle and a shower cap, both of which you will be re-using in the following months*

We recommend to set a reminder for every Monday evening for your Hair Fuel ritual. We will also be sending you weekly reminders and regular insights, advice and guidance through your hair growth journey.

With this subscription package, we are delighted to offer you 12 months subscription for the price of 10: two months being completely FREE.

* We are advocates for reducing waste and negative environmental impact. Therefore, we encourage you to re-use your applicator bottle and shower cap. Both items are made from plastic, so please recycle / re-use these at the end of your The Hair Fuel journey. 


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