A word on our Sold Out Presale campaign...

Published: September 25, 2020
EDIT: Read our latest update from Oct 15th, here > >

Hey there, 

I may not know your name, but I do know what you want. And that is – great hair.

You see, when the lockdowns started, I was terrified if The Hair Fuel would survive. Little did I know what the next months would bring us… that in just mere months our hair growth mask would sell out – simply because the demand was higher than I ever imagined. 

…I guess it is obvious that people want to take better care of themselves and look for ways to make themselves feel good. And what isn’t the best way to look after yourself, than to look after your hair? So in hindsight, it makes total sense that people opt for the best solution on the market. A hair growth mask subscription that gets delivered to your doorstep, that is also made out of sustainable, all natural ingredients. A solution that’s rooted into science and logic. A solution that’s been lab-tested, approved and loved by hundreds of you already. Yep. That’s us.

The thing is, we weren’t prepared for such demand… Many of you been asking why the product is on the backorder – and the answer is… well… we sold out. We placed an order for a larger batch, but coupled with high demand, an unexpected delay in raw materials delivery caused shortage. 

Our sourcing team is working as hard as they can to get the product back on the shelves, but with covid wrecking havoc on many things – delays are inevitable.

So why would you care? And why I’m writing this now? 

Because we decided to run a special campaign. We re-introduced our 3 month bundle and are offering 15% off, and to our 6 months bundle. And this isn’t just off the first box… it’s the entire subscription up for discount. This is the biggest sale we did since the our crowdunfing launch – less than a year ago!

Well, to get advantage of this discount, you will just need to wait a few weeks before your product arrives! Our estimates are end of October.

“I’ll just wait until mid-October and snatch the discount right before it’s back in stock!” – you say…

..WRONG! As soon as the product is back in stock – this offer is off the table. We’re in continuous communication with our suppliers – so really, the deal can be off the table in the matter of days or even hours.

We’re a small business. This presale helps us finance the production of the larger batch and keep operations going in the meantime. (As well as enable us continue giving the best and most honest hair growth insights on the market… plus – we get to offer you our product at a juicy discount – which we normally don’t do.) 

So, really – it’s a win for you and a win for us.

I will personally keep you updated on how the process goes – keeping you next to the production lines – making the entire process as transparent as possible. So apart from starting to grow great hair in a few weeks, you also get to partcipiate and witness how the magic is made.  

Get one of the bundles below to snatch your place in our “Sold Out Presale” campaign.

Laura, Denise, Alex, Hayley and Tony a.k.a. The Hair Fuel team
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