If the last 12 months could be called anything, it would be “The Year Of The Hair”.

In fact, the recent article by The Atlantic, 2021 was titled “A Year When America Lost Its Hair”. And of course, it happened well beyond America, too.

And no wonder: you faced uncertainty, crashing news, up and downs in regulations and restrictions… so increasingly more of you began reporting losing fistfuls of hair. The main culprit to blame has remained what it’s always been: stress-related hair loss – this time multiplied by the trauma of the last 18 months.

So, nothing brings us more joy than to help this healing process with the announcement of our Black Friday sale. We are delighted to help people regrow their hair back to health.

Let’s make 2022, “A Year of Great Hair”, shall we?

What’s different about The Hair Fuel’s Black Friday Sale this year?

Apart from giving you even more great hair, earlier this year we also partnered with Little Princess Trust, which means that part of the proceeds from every purchase you make is going to go towards making wigs for kids and young people who lost their battle to cancer or other condition that prevents them from growing hair.

Do I need to sign up to access the sale?

Nope, you don’t need to be our email subscriber or even an Instagram follower to take advantage of the sale. You don’t even need a special code! Easy. All discounts are automatically calculated and applied at the checkout.

I just crossed €150 threshold, but my discount is still at 20%.

If you just crossed over the €150 threshold in your cart and your prior 20% storewide discount didn’t update to a higher tier of 30% – refresh the page to see correct amount. If you don’t do that – correct discount will be applied at the next step of the payment process anyway, so you will never be overcharged! 🙂

When will the sale start – and finish?

Get your fingers (and hair!) ready. Our Black Friday sale opens at Midnight CET on November 24 – and continues until 23:59 PST on Sunday 28 November, or while stocks last. (Which, if last year’s sale showed us anything… could be quite short…)

Which items will be discounted during the sale?

All full hair growth kits & bundles are 20% OFF storewide.
But if you spend €150 or more – you get 30% OFF your entire cart.

Our sale includes ALL our full hair growth kits and bundles, just not Kickstarter sample pack – but you want to go all in with your hair health anyway! So, here is some easy math:

  • If you get 2 x Hair growth kits – it gives you 8 applications with one FREE application of our mask.
  • If you want to get 1 x 3 months bundle and – 1 x Hair growth kit as a gift for someone – this already puts you above the minimum spend, meaning that you get the one month kit for FREE!
  • If you want to get 2 x 6 months supply of The Hair Fuel – it gets you annual supply of The Hair Fuel with THREE MONTHS FOR FREE!

Can I use other promo codes during Black Friday Sale?

In order to take advantage of our Black Friday sale, it is not be possible to combine it with other promo codes. To keep things easy for you, Black Friday discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.

Are my items reserved in the cart?

No, items in your cart aren’t reserved – so you better move fast. We suggest planning your purchases in advance, since last year we got sold out and that led you, our hair growers, to some disappointment. Let’s avoid that by acting fast and efficient!

I’ve placed multiple orders, can I combine them? 

Sorry, but every order placed is handled individually. Once you confirmed a purchase, we cannot combine it with a previous or a future order of yours. Which is why pre-planning is key! Think about all the winter months ahead of you and how by spring time you can grow amazingly long beautiful hair! And then – budget that in.

How much is shipping and will there be delays?

Due to exceptional order volumes during this period, please note that orders may take a few days longer to be dispatched and get to you. Your patience means a lot to us during this time! Shipping is FREE, as always. And from dispatch, delivery can take:

  • UK: 3-5 working days
  • EU: 2-7 working days
  • USA: 5-7 working days

Still have questions?

Drop us an email to or DMs on socials!