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We often hear from our customers that The Hair Fuel isn’t the cheapest solution for hair growth, and you know what? They’re absolutely right. Today, let’s dive into this together because, when it comes to your hair, it’s about value, care, and finding what works best for you, including exploring different hair regrowth methods. Even if it is not with our mask, let’s take a closer look and assess the alternatives.

Complacency about hair growth

Why do we still let hair growth go on the back burner until the point when it becomes a problem? For example, if you have a health condition that is linked to hair loss (e.g. thyroid dysfunction, PCOS) – then start supporting your hair growth, including exploring non-surgical hair restoration options.

If you are entering peri-menopause, your hair IS going to change: it will become dry and brittle and will thin out – IF you don’t start caring for your scalp and hair follicles early on.

losing hair early signs

If you find yourself losing hair in handfuls – as soon as you start suspecting something is wrong – consider consulting with your doctor and requesting a blood panel to assess your overall health, including potential deficiencies impacting your hair. Your hair health serves as the canary in the coal mine, signaling the need for prompt attention.

Hair growth is not a “given” thing – we have countless stories of women for whom hair was “their thing” – but they acted too late on the early warning signs. Non-surgical hair restoration and hair regrowth methods become invaluable tools when recognized and implemented at the onset of issues. It is much easier to maintain the health of your hair follicles than to restore them entirely. It takes less time and less effort.

OTC hair growth solutions at a glance

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the cost of a single product – it’s about the investment you’re making in yourself and your hair, both in terms of time and cost. Some of these products may also require a combination with others, such as hair growth serum and hair growth vitamins, to ensure comprehensive care and address the signs of hair growth effectively.

1. Cost Comparison:

The Hair Fuel comes in at €54.99/month – or less if you purchase a bundle. It’s higher than the individual cost of hair growth vitamins (€20-50/month), and hair growth shampoo (€30-50/month) and it falls in the lower range of hair growth serums (€40-80/month).

But here’s the kicker – it’s about more than just the numbers, you need to think about the value you get for the investment of your time & effort, compatibility with other products, as well as additional cost of products you might need to use in combination with others to get effective results.

expensive and cheap hair growth solution

For instance, hair growth vitamins undoubtedly benefit from integration with an external scalp treatment, particularly in the initial stages, fostering scalp rejuvenation. Similarly, hair growth shampoo is frequently advised to be used in conjunction with hair growth serum. This combination is essential as using hair growth shampoo alone may not offer sufficient presence of the product on your scalp, hindering its potential for scalp rejuvenation and impacting the overall effectiveness of the treatment. It’s important to note that overlooking such considerations can lead to escalating costs. Exploring these hair restoration options and incorporating them into your routine can significantly enhance the outcomes of your hair care regimen.

2. Formula analysis:

All-Natural Ingredients:

The Hair Fuel takes pride in being an all-natural solution, offering a non-surgical hair restoration approach. No synthetic additives; the mask uses only natural ingredients, all of which are active and contribute to enhancing your hair growth. With no water added to the formula, the mask is always freshly made, eliminating the need for preservatives.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Be mindful of the source of where your vitamins come from, and remember that certain combinations can cancel each other out. For example, taking a large dose of calcium with magnesium will cancel the absorption of magnesium. The latter is crucial to stabilizing your nervous system and reducing your risk of getting stress-related hair loss. Additionally, incorporating vitamins that promote scalp rejuvenation is essential for overall hair health. Another example is vitamin C and B12. Both play a crucial role in hair growth, but high doses of vitamin C can reduce the absorption of B12.

Hair Growth Shampoos

When researching the active ingredients and their amounts in your hair growth shampoo formula, it’s crucial to be mindful of the type of sulfates (clarifying agents) present as well. Harsh sulfates can strip out the natural oils your scalp produces, resulting in hair that is dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Opt for a non-surgical hair restoration approach by choosing a hair growth shampoo that is gentle not only on your scalp but also on the lengths of your hair. This careful selection becomes especially significant when looking for signs of new growth in hair. Compensate for the frequent washing required by incorporating the right conditioner and regular hair oiling into your hair care routine, promoting overall hair health and the potential for visible signs of new growth.

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Hair Growth Serum
Like with the hair growth shampoo, take time to examine the active ingredients in your hair growth serum, focusing on the aspects of scalp rejuvenation and exploring hair restoration options. As a rule of thumb, the farther an ingredient is listed in the formula, the less the formula contains it. Those present in large amounts are placed at the beginning. Look for serums that contain peppermint oil, castor oil extracts, and other ingredients that not only stimulate hair follicles but also contribute to scalp rejuvenation. Some serums, however, might have an excess of oils in their formulation, potentially requiring you to wash your hair more often as part of your hair restoration routine.

3. Time Commitment:

The Hair Fuel:

You need to apply the mask once a week. This is a crucial step in your hair regrowth methods and non-surgical hair restoration routine. It requires 45 minutes of your time to work on your scalp. While it may sound like the longest commitment, this weekly ritual allows you to dedicate time for self-care – journaling, yoga, or just enjoying a moment of tranquility as the product works itself on your hair follicles. It is to be done just once a week – rather than having to remember to do it daily. The mask works seamlessly with any shampoo and conditioner and easily fits into your hair growth routine, including serums if currently using it.

Hair Growth Vitamins:

Remembering to pop a vitamin every day might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but supplements can provide benefits for your overall health, from the inside – and out. They just need to be tailored to your specific deficiencies, which can manifest in various ways, including noticeable signs of hair growth concerns. To identify those deficiencies, you need to do a blood panel and analyze any abnormalities you might have. This comprehensive approach ensures you address not only internal health but also external indicators like signs of hair growth issues.

hair growth supplements expensive and cheap

Remember: You need to take the right vitamins and take them regularly.

Hair Growth Shampoo:

Many hair growth shampoos, essential in exploring hair regrowth methods, necessitate time to work – that is achieved either through daily application or a longer wait time in the shower. Remember that for the ingredients to effectively contribute to non-surgical hair restoration and the signs of new growth in hair, they need to stay on your scalp for a sufficient time – so you may need to wait in the shower for it to work.

Remember: a shampoo that targets your hair growth may not be suitable for your hair texture.

Hair Growth Serum:

While hair growth serums can be effective for promoting hair regrowth, demanding daily application, some signs of hair growth are evident through the scalp stimulation that occurs during the application process, especially when massaging the serum onto the scalp. However, it’s worth noting that some serums may leave your hair feeling greasy well before your scheduled washday. The necessity of daily application may serve as a persistent reminder of your hair growth concerns and the need for effective hair regrowth methods.

hair growth serum


Unlike other solutions that involve multiple products, The Hair Fuel eliminates the need to change your shampoo or styling products. This convenience simplifies your hair care routine, making it easier (and cheaper!) to maintain and integrate into your lifestyle.

The signs of hair growth become noticeable with consistent use. Remember: apply once a week and use this time to relax and take care of yourself.

Who we are:

The Hair Fuel is an all-natural hair growth mask created by Laura Sagen, who lost a third of her hair after a terrible visit to a hairdresser while suffering from a life-long condition of PCOS associated with androgenic hair thinning. She developed the formulation rooted in the science of scalp blood flow, which has become The Hair Fuel growth mask. Since then, her company has helped thousands of people like you to start growing healthy hair.

We work closely with our lab and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality product. But a product alone is never enough – so we hold your hand throughout your own, unique hair growth journey. Our flagship product, The Hair Fuel mask coupled with tailored advice, digital tools, and online support is there to help you grow the best hair you can. It’s a big claim – but we’re unafraid to make it. Check out our starter bundles >>




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