The Hair Fuel Way

A holistic approach for lasting hair transformation

Far from the “quick fix” culture, we developed a three-pillar framework to support your hair growth – from within to shine outwards.


Scalp blood flow

In order to spur your hair growth first thing to get right is your scalp blood flow. Hair growth starts from the roots, so this part focuses on the direct stimulation for your hair follicles. In addition to The Hair Fuel mask, you have various tools, techniques as well as products available to you to influence your scalp blood flow.

“Something to feel”

Blood flow in scalp >

Inversion method >

Micro-needling >

Scalp massage >


Lifestyle shift

Hair transformation comes from within and calls for lifestyle shift you feel excited about. To support the results you get from using The Hair Fuel, making nutritional choices and picking the exercise ensures that your entire body supports your hair growth journey. We continuously develop advice and guidance to holistically support your path.

“Someone to become”

Understand your hair supplements >

Nutritional choices for your hair >

Hair care product audit >

When you get one of our subcsription bundles you receive access to Digital Hair Growth Dashboard as well as 12-Week Hair Growth Transformation journey.


The ritual

In order for you to continue on the path of hair transformation for lasting results, your change in habits needs to root itself in the relationship you develop with yourself. The Hair Fuel mask invites you to hold a weekly ritual already – and more rituals available to you. We invite you to organically develop rituals to nurture the love you have for yourself.

“Something to look forward to”

Mindfulness ritual >

Hair rinses >

Sleep and hair growth >

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