All natural, vegan, hair growth mask, that actually works.

Laboratory-based consumer trials revealed:


reported strenghtened hair follicles after using The Hair Fuel


confirmed improved blood flow to hair roots 


could feel The Hair Fuel working on their scalp

Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients

We are new, but press already took notice:

The hair fuel

Accelerating hair growth mask.

  • Speeds up hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Strengthens hair follicles

Want to find out how to care for YOUR hair? Take a quick quiz and find out:

Have you tried EVERYTHING, but your hair just won’t grow?

  • Trimming.
  • Growth shampoos.
  • Collagen pills.
  • Miracle serums.
  • Food supplements.

And when it does grow, you’ve got to trim it all, because it took A YEAR to grow and now ends are all split?

Myth#1 busted right here:

Hair growth starts from the ROOTS, not the ends.

You’ve got to put some FUEL into the roots. You’ve got to FEED and PUMP your scalp to bring you the long, beautiful hair you’re dreaming of.

Myth #2: Hair only grows to a certain length and then it just STOPS.

Well guess what, it’s not true. The speed at which your hair grows at this stage isn’t constant. Even if your hair anagen (growth) stage is only 2 years, but instead of growing an average of 1 cm every month, you grow it x 3 times faster – that’s extra 48 cm (or half a meter!) of hair.

So how do you increase the speed of your hair growth?

Science has the answer: Increasing blood flow to your hair follicles, improves hair growth.

After treating our hair with PERMS and BLEACHING only to chop it all off – we just wanted it long and natural. That lovely, shiny silk flowing down the back and shoulders… a DREAM.

We’ve watched hundreds of YouTube videos where women with long luscious locks tell you to be PATIENT, tell you to WAIT. And after a year with not a result in sight, we gathered our sorry asses to the hairdresser yet again, because that extra inch we grew got all split ends written all over.

We RESEARCHED, we tried TENS of magical potions, poured HUNDREDS of dollars into hair growing hair products to no avail.

We even tried a HORSE shampoo!

None of it worked as it was supposed to – hair just won’t grow. All this to say that…

We’ve been where you are right now.

We were about to give up, just like you. Until one day we discovered a SIMPLE and LOGICAL remedy that just works. And you know why? Because it FUELS the hair from the place it grows: its ROOTS! It’s like putting the right petrol in a sports car, that baby will just go for miles.

And what’s funny, is that after growing it long using the recipe, we CHOPPED it all off, because we wanted something different. A while after that, we felt we want it long all over. And it worked, AGAIN!

So we started recommending the mask to our FRIENDS, and FRIENDS OF FRIENDS and all of them got the result – which is long, beautiful hair they’ve always wanted.

Everyone who commits to using it at least two months on average sees 2-3 times faster hair growth.

Best product

Firstly, IT'S GREAT!
By an order of magnitude, the best product I have ever used for my hair.
Hair fall has certainly reduced and I have no reactions, etc.
Absolutely wonderful! I'm a customer for however long I need it.
Tam G - United Kingdom

I love the product

I love the product, I'm getting good results. I like the reusing of the Applicator... The only takeaway is perhaps to consider eventually offering a conditioner/treatment mask to add on to your subscription. My hair is prone to dryness anyways and has suffered damage from chemical treatments and tends to really need a boost after the hair fuel treatments.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to you and all of the Hair Fuel team! My hair is truly growing faster, thicker (again, yes!), and longer than it has since I was a child!

Jessica T - USA

Tingly feeling on scalp

The product had a zingy and tingly feeling  on my scalp and I could feel it working. Whilst washing the product off it gave a nice scent and for a while after. The product made my scalp feel nourished and hair soft and sleek.

Caroline K - United Kingdom

Growing like craaaazy

My hair is growing like craaaazy

Marjolein B - The Netherlands

My hair looks beautiful

So I've had three people in the last week tell me my hair looks beautiful/gorgeous/lovely/long!! All down to you!

Emma T - United Kingdom

Messy at first but it got easier with each use

I found it messy at first mixing the products and applying. But it got easier with each use. I felt that my hair grew quicker than usual.

Sandy M - United Kingdom

One of my nice moments

Just, you know. And also, I want you to know that doing the mask once a week has been one of my nice moments for the last weeks. Taking care of me. It's been nice. So thank you for inventing that.

Chloe C - France

A very unique product

I loved using the hair fuel. Its a very unique product, you can really feel it working on your scalp. It has helped with hair growth and thickness of my hair and its in much better condition than it was before I started using this product. My hair is somewhat longer, it had made a difference. I enjoyed using the product and would highly recommend it. You can feel the warmth of the product on your scalp and it didn't cause any irritations. Its simple to use, easy to rinse out and is great. Recommended to all.

Naomi Y - United Kingdom

Great Product!

I think it's a great product, just a bit time consuming. If it was ready made to use would be better.

Amy T - United Kingdom

It actually works!

This actually works! Almost done a month of the masks, last one is on Monday. I haven't done a proper measure yet but I can see it really has grown! So easy to use and actual results!x

Kirsty M - United Kingdom

I almost cried!

I just wanted to tell you that I almost cried in the shower the other day. I had gotten used to sadly seeing my comb, hands and shower drain full, and I mean FULL of my precious hair strands everytime I washed my hair. And well, I thought that I was just a hair-unlucky girl and had almost accepted that I could never ever have strong, long hair.

Well, the other day I just couldn't believe the amount of hair I saw in the shower was so small!!

Also, my receding hairline is starting to!!! And I feel my hair is thicker and stronger...after years of unsuccessfully investing money in pills and treatments...and using expensive, uncomfortable and awful hair extensions.

Hana K - Spain

Best customer service

It is going great! Thank you I am on my second week!😊

My original box still handy come to me yet, and the one that was shipped may first just arrived yesterday!

You have provided some of the best customer service I have experienced thank YOU!!!

Taegan B - USA

Suited for sensitive scalp

I was always looking for a hair mask that was organic but also suited for sensitive skin. I have tried so many products but it always irritate my skin. I came across a product called the Hair Fuel and have been using this the last few months. My hair has grown so much but also feels so strong and healthy. Really loving this product. Thank you @thehairfuel #holiday #day #summerdays #selfcare #haircare #hairfuel


Ummu F - The Netherlands

Does it all sound to you too good to be true?

There is a catch here. We are honest about it. In order for The Hair Fuel system to work, you have to put a bit of time using the mask once a week, over 3 months – sufficient to strengthen your hair naturally. Choose a suitable subscription package and commit to transforming your hair.

If you can’t commit, you simply won’t get the dramatic results made possible with The Hair Fuel, and we would hate for you to waste your money.

While once a week may sound like a lot, but after 3 months you could have gained 6 inches of healthy hair after using the mask only 12 times. Imagine that!

  • No shady “mystical” ingredients.
  • No animal testing.
  • Zero animal products.

Environmentally-friendly, vegan, cruelty-, paraben- and phtalate-free.

And the reason it works so well, is because it targets hair growth where it starts.

This is NOT focused on fixing split ends (that won’t help you grow hair).

This is NOT focused on constantly trimming your hair.

One last question remains…