Derma Stamp for Hair Growth1 min read


Introducing derma stamp, the innovative hair growth tool that stimulates blood flow and collagen production around your hair follicles. Gently revitalise your scalp and promote new hair growth with this easy-to-use micro-needling device.

For significant hair growth results our recommended use is once a week for at least 3 months, in combination with The Hair Fuel growth treatment. T&Cs apply.


Introducing Derma Stamp: an adjustable micro-needling tool for hair growth. A simple science-backed device designed to prompt blood flow to your scalp, as well as promote formation of new collagen fibres around your hair root – to strengthen it. This process supports your hair follicles to grow new & thicker hair taking about 3-5 minutes to use.

  • Welcome card & instructions
  • Derma stamp
  • One-month access to our hand-held hair growth support

FYI: While it is tempting to think that using this tool occasionally will help you re-grow your hair, it takes on average 6-8 weekly sessions to get visible and noticeable results. The best results can be achieved by combining it with The Hair Fuel growth mask and intersperse it every 3-4 days over a period of at least 3 months. A derma stamp needs to be replaced after 10-15 uses due to the needles becoming blunt with each use.


Derma stamp 140 needles (Medical stainless steel 304, plastic adjustable handle), cardboard recyclable box & instruction card.

dermastamp for hair growth
Derma Stamp for Hair Growth