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Every month we feature a customer success story, to inspire you on your hair growth journey. This time we spoke to Karine from Canada who shared hers.

The trouble for Karine really worsened following the passing of her father. Grief, strong emotions and stress relating to loss of a loved one can often trigger an onset of hair loss, especially if you are already prone to thin hair to begin with…

Tell us a bit about your hair journey, Karine.

I’ve always hated my hair. It’s very fine and low density: I always tied it in buns to try to hide it. Back in 2018, my father got very sick and eventually passed away, I believe that is what triggered my hair loss. In the summer of 2019, my hair was in its worst shape than ever before. I could barely hide my scalp. I felt terrible about myself and was so embarrassed – I was ready to do anything for it to grow back.

What lifestyle changes have made the biggest difference for your hair?

I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle. I exercise 5 to 6 times per week and try to eat clean food 80% of the time. I came across someone who posted before and after pictures of her curly hair journey on Instagram and was absolutely blown away by her results (see image below). 

The before pictures resembled my hair alot and I got inspired by her results.  The transition she went through was astounding.  I figured if she could get amazing results, so could I.  I decided to do everything she had done to try to fix and improve her hair. I stopped straightening it, started using bonding treatments, and followed her advice and ordered my first box of The Hair Fuel mask. 

Why did you decide to try The Hair Fuel mask?

I really wanted to do exactly what that curly influencer [THF edit: Liane / @curlycast] was doing. That is why I chose The Hair Fuel. My expectations were pretty high since I was basing myself on her results.  

What results have you experienced with the mask?

For the first time in my life I feel worthy and worth of my own effort. 

For the first time I like my hair and actually get compliments! I finally don’t have to hide behind a bun!

I noticed baby hairs around my forehead, and when I brush it. I see shorter hairs sticking out on the crown of my head. I have A LOT less trouble covering my scalp when I tie my hair up! … I am VERY satisfied with the results.  

What advice could you share with someone who is struggling in their hair growth journey?

The best advice I can give is to be patient and consistent. Any positive change you make will make a small difference, and eventually a big one.  So you need to stick to the routine even though it doesnt seem worth it at first. 


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Karine!

We hope it inspires many more people to take a stand for their hair health and to find something that works for them.

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The Hair Fuel is an all-natural hair growth mask created by Laura Sagen, who lost a third of her hair after a terrible visit to a hairdresser while suffering from a life-long condition of PCOS associated with androgenic hair thinning. She developed the formulation rooted in the science of scalp blood flow, which has become The Hair Fuel growth mask. Since then, her company has helped thousands of people like you to start growing healthy hair.

We work closely with our lab and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality product. But a product alone is never enough – so we hold your hand throughout your own, unique hair growth journey. Our flagship product, The Hair Fuel mask coupled with tailored advice, digital tools, and online support is there to help you grow the best hair you can. It’s a big claim – but we’re unafraid to make it. Check out our starter bundles >>



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