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You live for others, neglect the most important person in your life – yourself, and it’s astonishing that a stranger on the internet (me) has to remind you of that. But you have a beautiful tool to find that connection to yourself once again. A connection which some call “soul” or “oneness”, modern science might refer to it as “own needs” and “self-awareness”, and new age philosophy probably refers to it as “self-care”. What if I told you that caring for your hair can become a ritual – an empowering path to self-love, a celebration of your inner essence and a connection with your inner magic?

A non-negotiable ritual

Setting aside time for a hair-care ritual is non-negotiable act of self-love. Your hair follicles take 90 days / 3 months to catch up with your new, healthier diet regimen and supplements. But it shows instantaneously when you don’t feel good: your hair is in a top bun (bad for your edges, pulling at your roots), it’s messy, it lacks shine appearing dull and dry. Quite likely because you don’t feel worthy to explore new practices to care for your hair. Or, even worse: when you ignore your health signals so much, your hair starts screaming at you to pay attention.

When you extend love to your locks: no matter its length you are ingraining a clear message in your brain. “I am worth my time and effort.” The practice of caring for your hair reminds you of your intrinsic value, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and your needs.

The (Ancient) Magic in You

It is no surprise that throughout centuries hair has been held in certain reverence:

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, hair was often styled into intricate and symbolic designs: braids, twists, and elaborate wigs. One of the most famous ancient Egyptian hair rituals was the use of aromatic oils and ointments: such as castor oil and moringa oil, to their hair and scalp. Using those oils promoted hair growth and maintain its luster. Wigs were also worn: as a status symbol, often adorned with various accessories, including gold – reflecting the importance of hair in their society.

Spirituality and hair in Native American tribes

In another part of the world, Native American tribes had intricate hair rituals and beliefs surrounding the significance of long hair. Hair was seen as a connection to one’s spirit and the natural world. Those ancient tribes believed that cutting one’s hair could weaken this connection.

The style and care of one’s hair played a crucial role in tribal identity and cultural expression, demonstrating the deep connection between hair and identity, spirituality, and cultural values. Long, well-maintained hair was a source of pride and symbolized one’s connection to their heritage and the natural world.

Hair amongst warrior Viking women

Hair also had spiritual significance in Viking culture. It was believed that one’s hair could carry one’s essence, and cutting it could have symbolic or ritualistic implications. Viking women were known for their resilience and strength, and some even took on warrior roles. It was not uncommon for these shieldmaidens to have long hair, just like their male counterparts. Having long hair did not necessarily indicate a passive or submissive role for Viking women; instead, it was a reflection of their identity within the broader warrior culture.

viking women long hair growth

Modern culture and hair

Nowadays, our hair care rituals are boiled down to a shampoo and conditioner. Often they contain ingredients we don’t even understand if we read them. We have a hair brush that’s full of dust and old hair. And maybe you do have a leave-in treatment that you do once a while: a sad jar sitting lonely in your bathroom… But do you use it?

When your hands open the jar or a sachet of a hair treatment – are your hands vibrating with excitement to take care of you? Many of us are “dreading the wash day” – because that wash day might involve time and effort we inherently feel unworthy of…

Why do we expect others: friends, partners, lovers, colleagues – to value us, if we don’t dedicate the time to value and honour ourselves?

Perhaps, this is something for us to learn from the ancients: caring and paying attention to your hair signifies a connection to something deeper within yourself. It transmutes divinity, soul and self-worth – from the inside, outwards.

A celebration of Femininity

Your hair is a symbol of your femininity. A canvas to express your inner nature and embracing this allows you to celebrate your womanhood. You can choose to let your hair flow naturally or experiment with different styles, in any case – it’s a declaration of your powerful feminine identity.

Have you ever felt the gentle caress of your own hair down your neck or better: your bare back or your waist? Almost like a caring hand of a lover…

Deep within every woman, there’s an undeniable magic waiting to be embraced. Caring for your hair provides an opportunity to tap into this inner enchantment. As you massage your scalp or apply a nourishing treatment, you’re not just tending to your tresses: you’re nurturing the magical essence that resides within you.

Connection with the Powerful Feminine

Because your hair is an extension of your energy, it holds the power of the feminine within you. Your hair care ritual is not just nurturing its physical health but also strengthening your connection with the powerful feminine energy that flows through every woman. Have you ever felt the gentle caress of your own hair down your neck or better: your bare back or your waist? Almost like a caring hand of a lover. Or have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror naked with your hair being the only adornment on your body?

If your answer is no – I invite you to explore your hair as a bridge to your own femininity. The connection which can guide you in embracing your intuition, creativity, and inner strength.

Hair care ritual is your time for reflection

The act of caring for your hair demands a moment of solitude, providing an ideal, beautiful opportunity for self-reflection. As you comb, brush, and style your hair, use this time to check in with yourself. Ask, “How am I feeling today?” or “What do I need right now?”. This introspection strengthens your connection with your emotions and desires. One of the most frequent feedbacks we hear is that “The Hair Fuel allows me to take time for myself”. Yes, it takes 45 minutes… but aren’t you worth that time?

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Your Confidence

A good hair day can transform your confidence – that’s actually a scientific fact proved by the research conducted at Yale University. When over a long term you take the time to maintain your hair’s health, you will feel confident, self-assured and ready to share your magic on the world and like that magic wand or rather, magic crown – conquer it.

Confidence is a powerful tool in your self-love arsenal: the more you care for your hair, the stronger and more ingrained the message: “I’m worth it” becomes in you. And it transpires to other aspects of your life – helping you assert your needs and boundaries in your life with others.

Self-care as a badge of honour

Why do we glorify busy schedules and wear it as a badge of honour?

I used to scoff at my girlfriends who would share they took a day off and did nothing. Firstly, I had no idea what “doing nothing” means me and besides, I was proud of my endless to-do lists. I linked SO MUCH of my self-worth to my neglecting of myself that I had multiple burnouts, experienced hair loss (yes, as an owner of a hair growth brand and a sufferer of PCOS, I’m not immune to your own biology!), and I lost the count of times my body would literally break in order to get my attention.

But my hair never let me get away with it. When the stress became too much, in fact as an owner of a hair health brand I couldn’t ignore the signals my hair was giving me. In those moments my self-care would stop being a choice and become a necessity. I had to take the time to care for it and for myself: understand my vitamin deficiencies and my health, look at my nutrition and diet, I had to develop strong self-care practices like Hair Growth Calendar.

So caring for your hair is not just a symbol of your commitment to self-care… When you prioritize this seemingly small aspect of your routine, you send a message to yourself and those around you that your well-being matters. That YOU matter.

By dedicating time and energy to your hair, you can reclaim your connection with the powerful energy within you. Each strand of hair becomes a symbol of self-love, reminding you that you are deserving of care, attention, and – celebration. So, embrace the magic in you, cherish your femininity, and let caring for your hair be the first step on your journey to self-love. You are worth it.

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